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My pool will be dedicated to my mom who passed away on 12/3/15
She was 92 years old and was the most beautiful woman in the
world both inside and out.
Losing my first LOVE was extremely hard and want to thank those
whom sent condolences to me, it meant a lot!!!
Thank you all
First Great grandchild
Camden Joseph
My Angel
Our Last Dance
My tribute to Mom

Welcome back to the "Best Pool In Town"
The Big One *20*
"20 Years of Excellence"

16 Monday night games
16 Thursday night games
3 Playoff games
Super Bowl
World Series
Lot's of action !!!!

Sheets on page 1

**Same rules apply, if you're box is not taken care of in full and you win entertainment points, those points will automatically be
put towards you're box's balance**


PAGES 3 - 10

Game 1- Page 3
Game 2- Page 4
Game 3- Page 5
Game 4- Page 6
Game 5- Page 7
Game 6- Page 8
Game 7- Page 9
Total Stats - Page 10       

10,000 Pts to start the World Series

Each game:
500 Pts Hits
500 Pts Runs
If game is tied after 9 innings it will be
250 Pts End of ninth inning for runs &
250 Pts Final Score
Remainder of Pts at the end of the series
 goes to Final Stats Hits & Runs


Paulie G's Thanksgiving Day Triple Play

-300 Pts per box
-3 Games - you keep the same box
in all 3 games
-Each game payouts
-1st Qtr - 1000 Pts
-Half - 2000 Pts
-3rd Qtr - 1000 Pts
-Final Score - 5000 Pts
-Rev Half - 500 Pts
-Rev Final - 500 Pts

-Total 30,000 Pts  for your 300 Pts fee

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Camden was diagnosed with being on the
spectrum for Austim last September. Please
make yourself aware of Autism and help
when you can.
This is what it's all about my friends!!!
This little guy is awesome!!!!
3rd Generation Grzzpro

Made in the USA
Those guns are protecting you.
3 year anniversary
Congrats young man
Airman First Class Douglas Doros
CrewChief for F15 Fighter Jet
Sitting on his 60 million $$ baby
Walked my little girl down
the aisle 7/3/15


My first and her first

is operated & maintained in Westchester N.Y.
It is strickly an entertainment website for family and friends.


My Boys